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Can I use SPServices from any subsites and site collection

by Administrator 16. March 2016 05:10

You should be able to move the sites up and down in the same site collection pretty simply. The tactic is if you need to go to a different site collection as webservices are tied to the site collection you are on. One of the arguments used is WebURL and it can be used to make sure that you are pointing at the right list or library location you are actually seeking for.


The script that is given below may help with your problem:



        operation: "GetListItems",

        // Force sync so that we have the right values for the child column onchange trigger

        async: false,

        webURL: "/webs/sitecollection/site", => “URL should be the same as we have the list on that particular site collection”

        listName: "tst",

        // Filter based on the currently selected parent column's value

        // Only get the parent and child columns

        CAMLViewFields: "<ViewFields><FieldRef Name='Title' /></ViewFields>",

        // Override the default view rowlimit and get all appropriate rows

        CAMLRowLimit: 0,

        completefunc: function(xData, Status) {





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