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SharePoint Electronic Health Record Solutions: An Efficient and More Intuitive Solution

by Administrator 7. January 2016 02:20

Nowadays, it has become imperative for healthcare centers to render outstanding hospitality and that cannot be done without having access to accurate information related to patients. SharePoint Electronic Health Record (EHRs) Solutions previously known as Electronic Medical Record Solutions (EMRs) fulfills such requirements as it consists of a patients’ history database. Hence, facilitates Doctors, Physicians and medical practitioners in dealing with patients in a swift and secure manner. Moreover, it brings together clinics, provincial & regional healthcare institutions, community care centers, hospitals and other medical professionals to provide a comprehensive data about patients’ health history regardless of the geo-location.


IT Link Solutions has been providing medical professionals with top-notch EHR Solutions from the last many years. Moreover, whether it is about implementation, deployment or maintenance we were always there with physicians, laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare specialists. Additionally, we always relied on recommended technologies and methodologies to offer exceptional user experience.

SharePoint EHR/EMR can be advantageous for you in following ways:  

  • Meaningful Use reporting

Gone are the days when people were supposed to work day and night to create reports by compiling stacks of patient’s records. Now things have changed, with EHRs you can create detailed reports about your client-base within a few moments.  

  •  Clinical Decision Support

By making use of such solutions you can view patients’ charts while dealing with them. Additionally, it provides clinical decision support through which you would be well-informed about the drug interactions before prescribing medicines to patients. Ultimately, you will end up feeling contended and obliged that you rendered best healthcare service to your valued patients.

  • Rich patient summaries

Since you have access to patients’ charts, you can have a look at comprehensive summary  about a particular patient before you are going to see him so that you would have a better idea about his past diseases, medications etc. Additionally, you can take real-time decisions that whether to continue or discontinue a specific medication using pre-populated patient’s lists.

  • Intelligent task management

Now maintain all your clinical and administrative tasks intelligently with the help of an inbox, so that you could spare more time for your patients only and not for the unwanted paperwork. Ultimately, you can increase your efficiency and overall performance.

  • Real-time patient flows

Since it is a cloud web application, which means you can view and analyze your patients flow through their Check-ins/outs. Moreover, you can assess in real-time that how your existing resources are getting used to increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

The major concern of most of the doctors or physicians all around the world is of appointment and scheduling. EHR lets you do scheduling with simple drag-and-drop option. Now you can remain aware of your client that who you are dealing with and when you are going to see the next. Hence, it improves the collaboration and overall client’s experience.  

  • Web & Mobile App

The best part about this solutions is that, you can manage your scheduling or access all the essential information related to your clients through web application or mobile application. Now, everything is like a cakewalk for you.


There exists so many other fascinating and productive tools and features of SharePoint Electronic Health Record solutions other than aforementioned aspects. In summary, by making use of such sharepoint solutions for medical practices you can render exceptional services to your clients. So stop relying upon old and unproductive methods of dealing with your clients and opt for distinctive yet intelligent solution and make your life easier and simpler.  



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