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How can we achieve user’s authorization using custom permissions in LightSwitch while using SharePoint Lists as datasource

by Administrator 22. March 2016 08:13

Basically, these permissions are for forms authentication. If we have SharePoint then SharePoint will take care of such permissions itself.

In your case in which you are using two SharePoint lists as data source it can be used only through SharePoint permissions (like read, view, edit, contribute, and full control).

For instance, if a user have got read or write permissions, it will allow access to that user in accordance with the permissions assigned. On the other hand, if a user have got the contribute rights then he will be able to add new items. Moreover, if some items are added using MS LightSwitch application, SharePoint will treat it just like adding items directly through SharePoint ‘add new item form’. Same conditions will apply to other operations like, edit, delete, view etc.

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