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LightSwitch Azure hosted application do not load SharePoint custom list data from other site

by Administrator 14. March 2016 01:20

This query is about light switch applications’ data source

Here the user is trying to say that he has developed some application in Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch and used some SharePoint lists as data source.

In that scenario let us clear some basic things first. If you have added some SharePoint lists to your app in LightSwitch you should keep in mind that it is site specific on SharePoint. The domain for the app would only be the site on which you have deployed it. And it will try to locate lists and libraries on the same site on which it is deployed.

Here is the demonstration for it:



Your site will be working fine if and only if you deploy it to Site ‘A’ but when you deploy this app to Site ‘B’ it will not show any data. Most people think that it might be some sort of permissions issue.

MS LightSwitch app will not remind the site name for the data source rather it reminds only about the lists and libraries names. In this particular case, app will try to find list 1 and list 2 on site ‘B’ when we deploy it on Site ‘B’ and we don’t have any list having these names.

So whenever you try to deploy your LightSwitch app to some other site which is not the same site from where we are fetching data, you must recreate or clone all the lists and libraries to that site as well. One thing interesting here is that, we don’t even need to change a single line in our app, no need to change the site name for data source because, the app will find lists against the site name itself.



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