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Booming Offshore Software Development

by fauzia 10. July 2013 00:04

These days it’s impossible to look for a custom software development company without finding offshore developers in the mix. In fact, if you get bids from a number of companies, both offshore and locally, you’ll probably find that you can get a much better rate from an offshore development company than you would get from an in-house development company. The fact is that the cost of living elsewhere is much lower than the cost of living locally –so offshore developers can do the same job for a lower price. Unfortunately, not all offshore companies are actually doing the same level of work.


There are plenty of local developers who are also doing a terrible job at developing custom software solutions. It’s not that offshore software development is harder to do, or less dependable, but that you choose a developer solely off price, despite lack of experience—in many cases the cheapest company just cannot deliver. This phenomena is often more expensive for the client, and is more common than you can imagine; what usually happens is that the client has to find another developer to clean-up after the first job.


There are also other factors besides the location of an offshore software developer that you should focus on when choosing someone to build custom software. First and foremost you should not decide who to hire based on the amount of money that they bid for the job. The next skill you should be looking for is communication: how much does the developer ask of you? Are you going to be included at each stage of development?


There’s also a strong culture of promising things that can’t be delivered among inexperienced and unprofessional developers, both here and offshore. In an effort to win more jobs, custom software developers will simply say yes to every requirement without researching how realistic they’re being. The low bids and the willingness to say yes to anything often come from developers who simply don’t know what they’re getting into.


There is a happy medium to be found in offshore software development. You can still get a great rate on the product you need, but it might not be the lowest advertised price. Conduct meetings, even if they’re over Skype or the phone, and make sure you and the development company are on the same page about how the job will unfold. Set up milestones, both for deliverables and for payment. The more you plan with your developer, the better you’ll understand their skills.



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