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by Administrator 3. December 2018 21:54

In this technologically advanced era even though traditional procedures continue to be followed, failing to utilize technology can hurt your business far more than you expect.


For instance, if your field service company is still relying on conventional paperwork instead of digitizing the important information for long-term usability. Imagine what would happen if a piece of information goes missing. What would you do to find what’s needed? Dig through the piles on your desk?!

Now think about digging through piles & stacks all over your desk each time a single piece of information goes missing. Would it be wise to do this?

No, in fact it is a total waste of time and effort and this is where technology steps in to push us forward. 

Whether you’re a small field service business or enterprise, automation can do wonders to the operational efficiency and productivity of your business.


Here are 9 Reasons you need to opt for field service automation utilizing simplified software solutions:


Whether you are a field service representative or a technician, Field Service Automation ensures that you have access to all the useful features when you need it, where you need it.


From scheduling to dispatching to invoice management and billing, the right Field service management software will make your business workflow smoother and more efficient.


Better connectivity means better business in terms of productivity, growth and service delivery. Automated Field service softwares help you stay connected to build and maintain a location-independent business.


The best Field Service solution lets you make smarter decisions within the scope of your mission that, in turn, can maximize your revenue. This means that your business never has to suffer because of the cost of delays and other inconsistencies.


Automation is of great significance in building better business-customer relationships by helping you track customers right from the first call till job completion. The right FSM solution can help you adopt a suitable customer engagement strategy which can set you apart from other Field Management Businesses.


Billing and Invoicing can be complicated and cumbersome, but not when you have all the necessary features right in the palm of your hand. Advanced Field service invoicing solutions can work wonders for your business.


Customers expect information available anytime and anywhere as needed. Better information visibility can lead to better decision making. Field service automation solutions provide improved visibility not just to the customers but also the field service representatives, dispatchers, and technicians.


A field service software offers effective plans to utilize human resources and inventory for maximum profitability. Productivity increases manifold when the right resources are assigned to right tasks at the right time.


Customers like being able to see cost estimates and time estimates before trusting you with the job. But it’s not always easy to account for unpredictable circumstances which can impact your schedule and probably your budget too. Field service management automation provides accurate forecasts to ensure that both you and your customers are on the same page.


Mobile Field Workers Management Solution - Best Way to Increase Productivity!

by Administrator 23. August 2018 04:36

Finding out the right type of mobile field workers management solution from the maze of available solution can be a daunting task. While choosing any particular solution you should be confident enough about the chosen solution that is going to support your workers, help them in managing their tasks in an efficient manner to maximize productivity.

Smarter Mobile Working Solution
Our mobile field workers management solution has been developed in such a way to enhance efficiency, manage tasks more proficiently and boost effective collaboration. Better the information you get from the field workers the better you would be able to allocate company’s resources in order to take more fruitful decisions on tasks, parts and resources.

Simple Set-up, No Additional Costs
Setting up our solution is like a piece of cake! It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to make it run smoothly as it is mobile and web based application that can be accessed through any handheld devices. It’s completely browser oriented, so you don’t need to invest heavy costs in order to install it. Users can enjoy using it and receiving real-time updates via their existing Android and iOS based smartphone and tablets. In case if a field worker loses the connection, our application safely saves the information and updates the system whenever he gets reconnected.

Work On-line or Off-line

Once the information have been saved on mobile devices workers can perform their duties even without internet connectivity. Since the system gets updates in an automated way upon getting online the very next time to ensure maximum stability.

Optimizing Efficiency — Appointment and Dispatching

Appointment and dispatching are two crucial areas for any business where increased productivity not only amazes clients but also has a progressive influence on business functions. Our solution offers modernized call slips and dispatch boards that eradicates unnecessary steps while assuring that all the related job information are acquired and communicated.

Performance Tracking

It keeps you fully updated with your front line workers’ activities, at the same time let you assign, evaluate and track field works to constantly optimize their performance.


Business Intelligence

Unlike other software applications, our solution offers myriad of features that doesn’t only allow you to analyze business productivity but also help to enhance its operations. Whether you need to access latest sales statistics or actionable insight into a specific factor of a business. Our solution’s dashboard, notification and reporting segments offer you with the data you require efficiently and conveniently.

Real-time Notifications

It assists you in linking your workers to real-time schedule notifications, for instance when clients’ cancels or extends the visits unpredictably.

Record Keeping for Compliance

Our workers management solution saves all the necessary information related to jobs like certificates, customer signatures. Photos of services offered to build an extensive audit path that ensures compliance.

Improving Customer Service Performance

Time spent in the office is valuable for quite a large number of home service businesses and they may not be capable of monitoring their work groups always. Our field workers management solution restores that visibility with a horde of features that provide unparalleled insight into communication between clients and customer service representatives. As each customer call is handled by a particular agent, thus owners can assist CSRs in enhancing their performance and influence call-to-appointment conversions positively.

Ensure Worker Availability

Customers’ requirements are constantly changing. Sometimes you experience an increase in maintenance calls and other times you get busy in installations. Moreover, weather conditions can also influence the demands your business experiences. By making use of our solution’s features you can make sure the total number of available workers for a particular job, which helps you in increasing both client happiness and conversation rates.

If you are seeking out for a solution that can offer you with tools to increase your productivity and complete visibility then our mobile field workers management solution fits the best to all of your requirements. Start building your own solution, request a quote now! 


How to validate a textbox on focus out in MS LightSwitch Application?

by Administrator 15. April 2016 00:24


I am currently working on a LightSwitch HTML client application in which I faced an issue of validating textbox. For example, upon setting up a Boolean Yes/No field to Yes, the relevant text field must contain a value. I figured out that it can be done by using focus out event of that textbox, so I need to find out a way to implement focus out event of a textbox in LightSwitch.

You cannot validate a textbox on focus out by using LightSwitch jquery API wrapper. You will have to achieve it by using jQuery focusout event.


$(element).find("input").focusout(function () {

        try {


            if ($(this).val() && !ValidateEmail($(this).val())) {

                contentItem.screen.findContentItem("EmailAddress").validationResults = [

new msls.ValidationResult(               ,

"Please enter a valid Email '!'.")





            } else

                contentItem.screen.findContentItem("EmailAddress").validationResults = null;

        } catch (e) {}



function ValidateEmail(email) {

    var expr = /^([\w-\.]+)@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.)|(([\w-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,4}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)$/;

    return expr.test(email);



It will probably resolve the issue, if not you can always seek help from our MS LightSwitch application experts anytime you want.

Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.LightSwitch, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35

by Administrator 7. April 2016 02:31

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.LightSwitch, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


In order to get rid of the error you are dealing with, you have to do the following things:

     1. Open up the Visual Studio (whichever you are using)

     2. Once opened, you will see a notification button at right side of the title bar




      3. Click it, now you will see a ‘Notification Window’ right in front of you containing all notifications related to updates


     4. Click on any of the notifications

     5. Upon clicking you will see a dialogue box named as ‘Extensions and Updates’


     6. Now click on ‘Updates’ and then ‘Product Updates’

     7. Now make sure you have updated all the necessary product updates



Once you have followed all the above mentioned steps, hopefully you will not experience errors anymore.

In case the issue still persists, you can contact our SharePoint experts.

Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.Data.EDM Version=

by Administrator 31. March 2016 08:20

I receive following errors whenever I use LightSwitch application on my system which was previously created by someone else:

Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.Data.EDM Version=
Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.Data.OData Version=
And any other library like version= etc.

What do I really need to do to make it run flawlessly?

First of all please verify the version of the actual referenced dll file with the version mentioned in web.config file.


For example in our case we have a reference of Microsoft.Data.EDM Version=

And we have following code in our web.config.


        <assemblyIdentity name="Microsoft.Data.Edm" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" culture="neutral" />

        <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />



Try to replace <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" /> with

<bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />.

By the end of the day this will probably fix the issue.



How can we achieve user’s authorization using custom permissions in LightSwitch while using SharePoint Lists as datasource

by Administrator 22. March 2016 08:13

Basically, these permissions are for forms authentication. If we have SharePoint then SharePoint will take care of such permissions itself.

In your case in which you are using two SharePoint lists as data source it can be used only through SharePoint permissions (like read, view, edit, contribute, and full control).

For instance, if a user have got read or write permissions, it will allow access to that user in accordance with the permissions assigned. On the other hand, if a user have got the contribute rights then he will be able to add new items. Moreover, if some items are added using MS LightSwitch application, SharePoint will treat it just like adding items directly through SharePoint ‘add new item form’. Same conditions will apply to other operations like, edit, delete, view etc.

Can I use SPServices from any subsites and site collection

by Administrator 16. March 2016 05:10

You should be able to move the sites up and down in the same site collection pretty simply. The tactic is if you need to go to a different site collection as webservices are tied to the site collection you are on. One of the arguments used is WebURL and it can be used to make sure that you are pointing at the right list or library location you are actually seeking for.


The script that is given below may help with your problem:



        operation: "GetListItems",

        // Force sync so that we have the right values for the child column onchange trigger

        async: false,

        webURL: "/webs/sitecollection/site", => “URL should be the same as we have the list on that particular site collection”

        listName: "tst",

        // Filter based on the currently selected parent column's value

        // Only get the parent and child columns

        CAMLViewFields: "<ViewFields><FieldRef Name='Title' /></ViewFields>",

        // Override the default view rowlimit and get all appropriate rows

        CAMLRowLimit: 0,

        completefunc: function(xData, Status) {





LightSwitch Azure hosted application do not load SharePoint custom list data from other site

by Administrator 14. March 2016 01:20

This query is about light switch applications’ data source

Here the user is trying to say that he has developed some application in Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch and used some SharePoint lists as data source.

In that scenario let us clear some basic things first. If you have added some SharePoint lists to your app in LightSwitch you should keep in mind that it is site specific on SharePoint. The domain for the app would only be the site on which you have deployed it. And it will try to locate lists and libraries on the same site on which it is deployed.

Here is the demonstration for it:



Your site will be working fine if and only if you deploy it to Site ‘A’ but when you deploy this app to Site ‘B’ it will not show any data. Most people think that it might be some sort of permissions issue.

MS LightSwitch app will not remind the site name for the data source rather it reminds only about the lists and libraries names. In this particular case, app will try to find list 1 and list 2 on site ‘B’ when we deploy it on Site ‘B’ and we don’t have any list having these names.

So whenever you try to deploy your LightSwitch app to some other site which is not the same site from where we are fetching data, you must recreate or clone all the lists and libraries to that site as well. One thing interesting here is that, we don’t even need to change a single line in our app, no need to change the site name for data source because, the app will find lists against the site name itself.



Get to Know About Microsoft SharePoint Applications Model

by Administrator 20. January 2016 05:06


Microsoft SharePoint (SP) has always been a great platform for developing custom web applications. It has been used to create business apps and most of the businesses uses it as customized apps development tool. Since its birth, there have been lots of changes in SP features and currently after 2013 platform update we are able to build apps for SharePoint.


History of SharePoint:

SharePoint is basically a web application platform which was introduced by Microsoft back in 2001. It has been helping out small to large-sized businesses with features and tools like content management, extranet, enterprise social networking, document management and so on. Moreover, it is an integral part of MS Office Suite which is built on .NET framework. Additionally, it has been used prominently for internal business purposes but after the latest update launch of app model it also allows to work on hosted servers and collect information from various geographical locations.

Uses of SharePoint:

One of the major uses of SharePoint is that, it allows all the workers of particular company to stay connected and remain on the loop and collaborate in a synchronized way. Besides, it harmonizes the important information all across the company environment and allow all the authorized users to communicate with each other in an effective manner to ensure their efforts are in total synergy.

Some basic uses of SharePoint:


It is used as an intranet in order to let workers of the company access notifications and alerts related to company’s ins and outs.


It offers a feature to save official documents at a shared location from where all the authorized employees can access it to update or modify the particular data file.


It is used as a CMS (Content Management System) through which you can develop a public site. The site can be accessed by users and with the help of SharePoint you can edit and update contents of the website.

Business Intelligence:

You can access information in a synchronized manner in order to make sure that you can take wise and productive business decisions. Moreover, it offers businesses with effective and easy-to-use data classifications and analytics features which makes it a great business intelligence tool.

Office Integration:

It is incorporated with MS Office which is among its biggest benefits because it makes users to access and update documents in a most convenient manner.


No doubt all of its distinctive features makes it a wonderful platform but, its capability to make customizations in apps according to the business requirements makes it outstanding.  

Get your business together with SharePoint:

By now you would be having an idea about the features and tools of SharePoint, let’s discuss about the ways through which you can integrate it with your own business. The most suitable way would be to acquire services of any reliable web applications development company and inquire them develop a customizable application as per your requirements. Since the number of IT service providers have increased double-folded with the increased dependency on digital marketplace. IT Link Solutions have experts who possesses extensive experience in web application development who are capable of tweaking with SP model and provide you with customized solutions for your business requirements.

Moreover, cloud hosting services that are offered by this platform helps businesses in cutting costs and ultimately making it run flawless in low budget. Therefore, making use of SP for your company is an optimal way to make sure that the tasks are being getting communicated and implemented in a proficient and competent manner.  

The other method of incorporating SP into your business is to build apps on your own. This is feasible for IT firms who possess in-house development team having programming or coding experts in it. However, for non-IT firms the only viable choice is to get services from professional custom software development or SharePoint consulting companies who possess years of experience plus a successful proven track record.

Thus, from today focus on integrating SP to your business in order to reap advantages of this platform as much as you can in order to cut your costs and manage your performance in a better way. Hire SharePoint consultants or software developers for your business needs and sit back and leave the rest to them as they will make things a lot easier than you think!


SharePoint Consulting Services to Get Flattering Values

by Administrator 12. January 2016 02:56

Are you baffled by the complexity of Microsoft SharePoint tools and features? Do you find problems while resolving necessary file sharing processes? Seeking out for a specialist guidance in devising collaboration strategies and web applications publishing? You are definitely in a need of SharePoint consulting services. Currently there exists lots of companies that offers such services who are capable of interacting with you via teleconferences or web sessions in order to simplify and address all your concerns, making SharePoint tools and features easier to understand and assist in resolving annoying issues with your collaboration systems.

Consultants must possess proven track record and extensive experience dealing with various tools and technologies of Microsoft. Moreover, focuses on strategies and systems that are created by Microsoft. Additionally, the service company should have done considerable work on project deployment and designing for customers all around the universe. Other than technological or industrial organizations, govt. organizations and academic institutions are also in dire need of such consultancy services from the experts. Professionals carry out interactive yet productive conferring activities for projects regardless of their nature and size. Besides, you can grab lots of case studies from the website of such services companies that are created from their client activities.


On the contrary, you can also analyze the top-notch list of organizations irrespective of their industry that have previously worked with service providers and find out services quality they received from a particular consultancy company. Ultimately, by following such practices you will be able to identify consultants that are worth getting services from. However, requirements and objectives of each client differs from one another, same goes for the service providers in-terms of conferring strategies. Therefore, conferring services should also have devised varied strategies in order to best fulfill fluctuating needs and issues of clients. Moreover, they should be flexible enough to identify the nature of clients’ business and devise strategies in accordance with their distinctive requirements.

Lastly, do make sure that you get the swift, cost-effective and dedicated services from the consultants. Get such services and make your business the best one among others within your domain. Besides, consultancy companies should help you in optimizing your site’s overall navigation and categorization. Moreover, they should be able to get you most out of Microsoft Outlook integration, business workflows, notifications etc. So that you will be able to create reports with the accurate information in the right manner at the right time. On the other hand, expert level SharePoint consulting services providers will also help you with project deployment, troubleshooting, report creation, system configurations, additional features integrations and other relevant issues that you may face with your business.


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