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Booming Offshore Software Development

by fauzia 10. July 2013 00:04

These days it’s impossible to look for a custom software development company without finding offshore developers in the mix. In fact, if you get bids from a number of companies, both offshore and locally, you’ll probably find that you can get a much better rate from an offshore development company than you would get from an in-house development company. The fact is that the cost of living elsewhere is much lower than the cost of living locally –so offshore developers can do the same job for a lower price. Unfortunately, not all offshore companies are actually doing the same level of work.


There are plenty of local developers who are also doing a terrible job at developing custom software solutions. It’s not that offshore software development is harder to do, or less dependable, but that you choose a developer solely off price, despite lack of experience—in many cases the cheapest company just cannot deliver. This phenomena is often more expensive for the client, and is more common than you can imagine; what usually happens is that the client has to find another developer to clean-up after the first job.


There are also other factors besides the location of an offshore software developer that you should focus on when choosing someone to build custom software. First and foremost you should not decide who to hire based on the amount of money that they bid for the job. The next skill you should be looking for is communication: how much does the developer ask of you? Are you going to be included at each stage of development?


There’s also a strong culture of promising things that can’t be delivered among inexperienced and unprofessional developers, both here and offshore. In an effort to win more jobs, custom software developers will simply say yes to every requirement without researching how realistic they’re being. The low bids and the willingness to say yes to anything often come from developers who simply don’t know what they’re getting into.


There is a happy medium to be found in offshore software development. You can still get a great rate on the product you need, but it might not be the lowest advertised price. Conduct meetings, even if they’re over Skype or the phone, and make sure you and the development company are on the same page about how the job will unfold. Set up milestones, both for deliverables and for payment. The more you plan with your developer, the better you’ll understand their skills.



Building Business Success with Global Delivery Partners

by fauzia 1. July 2013 22:49

Build Business Success with Global Delivery Partners

 Every business owner is trying to succeed locally, and hopes to expand and pave a path for global success, too. The dream is to have access to the widest market possible. Yet business owners also make the mistake of ignoring opportunities to work with global delivery partners for their software development needs. You want to go global with your products or services, but you don’t look to the global market of services that might help you get there. So how can a global delivery partner help your business reach the goals you’ve set?


 Financial Gains

 First and foremost, you can take great strides towards success for a better bargain if you work with global software development partners. Let’s face it, some parts of the world offer skilled services for a fraction of the cost that developers in other countries  need to get by. As the world gets smaller, we’re seeing some of the costs being neutralized, but others are continuing to benefit the business owners who need custom application development.


 Outsourcing application development, as well as other IT services, has been an option for a while, but only in the past couple of years has it developed to the point where you can distinguish between a competitive provider from a mediocre developer trying to get a job by underbidding. It is important to be cautious when looking at bids—the lowest price is probably not the best option. You can still get a better deal and save your business some money, without risking a job done badly.


 Global Developers for a Global Market

 Besides the financial benefits of working with a global delivery partner, there are also intangible benefits that come from opening up your business to a more global perspective. If you’re working on a product which you’d like to sell internationally, you probably want to know what works for the international audience whose attention you’re trying to capture. The best global software solutions come from the firms that know the global market already.


 Even if you’re looking for application development services that will only be used internally, you might find that an outsider’s perspective is valuable while you’re developing the software; solutions that you could not have thought of may seem obvious to someone who has been developing software globally and has seen other solutions which work well in similar situations. Global delivery partners can have an exciting effect on the process of developing the software you need to make your business succeed.




Top 5 Technology Trends for Small Businesses in 2013

by fauzia 2. May 2013 19:41


Small business owners may have more opportunities to increase revenue in 2013. As the economy recovers, so does the optimism of many entrepreneurs. Savvy business managers can gain an advantage by becoming familiar with these five fundamental technology trends.

1. Understand Advancements
Advancements in technology happen regularly, so it’s essential for small business owners to educate themselves on current changes. Understanding how to implement various techniques such as virtualization, mobility, cloud computing and marketing automation are crucial to the success of any small business.

2. Understand Outsourcing
Outsourcing can be the backbone of a small business. While offshoring continues to gain steam, its growth (especially in India) has been tempered by concerns of rising costs and attrition. With growing maturity in the nearshore region and emergence of lower cost onshore options, organizations have started to re-balance their sourcing portfolio. This means business owners will have numerous options for outsourcing assistance.

3. Understand Mobile
Another major technology trend is the popularity of mobile devices. Business managers understand that smartphones, laptops and tablets enhance productivity. According to reports, the use of tablets in work settings is expected to increase more than 100 percent by 2014.

4. Understand Social
Entrepreneurs can benefit from the various social media technologies as well. While a number of business owners utilize Twitter and Facebook, many overlook the newest players in the game. Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and other image-based platforms are ideal sources for marketing to the public.

5. Understand Searches
Social, local, and mobile marketing is a popular technique for gaining consumer interest. People frequently shop socially and perform local searches on their mobile devices. A recent Yellow Pages survey showed 40 percent of consumers use local searches every day. Creating mobile apps or websites suitable for mobile viewing can boost success for any small business.

Research shows that consumer demand will expand in the upcoming months. By seizing the moment and utilizing the technologies available, small business financiers may see significant increases in profits and customer loyalty.

IT Link Solutions creates a dedicated development team that is customized to meet your software development needs. At all times the skilled team remains scalable to fit your budget and project timeframe.


Guidelines to Secure Outsourcing

by fauzia 11. March 2013 19:16

Customers today are hesitant to outsource due to security issues. However, you can ease your concerns by following the guidelines listed below.

1. Security Policy

Ensure everything is in order in your organization and go over your security policy. A good security policy is rational, sound and clearly states standards and guidelines finalized by stakeholders, managers, and employees. Also make sure your policy includes data classification distinguishing between sensitive and common data.

2. Protect Your Data

Employ the use of application layer firewalls and database monitoring gateways. Such devices help enforce usage policies, and prevent vulnerability exploitation and privilege abuse. Choose a vendor who uses these functionalities as well as they help in total data protection.

3. Implementing Least Privilege

Determine a method to monitor material exceptions. In addition, guarantee the Rule of Least Usage. Never allow access to all of your records at one time and never allow unmonitored access.

4. Choosing the Right Vendor

This is a crucial step for the security of your business. You must also ensure he or she has strict security policies in place and enforces those policies within his or her organization. Make sure he or she has security policies preventing anyone from copying your data to portable devices as well.

5. Data Handling Education

Ensure the security of your data by making sure your vendor trains his or her employees on the protection and handling of sensitive data. If not, make certain he or she provides that education.

6. Sound Privacy and Intellectual Property Policy

Make certain sound intellectual property protection laws are in place and that your intellectual property policies and privacy are honored. Ensure all of this is clear to avoid misunderstandings.

7. Monitor Traffic

To ensure leak-proof traffic, make certain outbound e-mail and Internet traffic is monitored to prevent information leaks.

8. Security Audits

Conduct regularly scheduled database/application and network security audits to make certain of secure outsourcing. These audits aid in recognizing potential vulnerabilities and issues with databases, devices, and applications on the network.

9. Prevention Technologies

Inquire if the technology to control data flow is in place, what prevention technologies are used, and if his or her employees follow his or her policies. In addition, ensure he or she has the technology to preventing anyone from emailing or copying sensitive data.

ITLink Solutions

You can rest assured of complete confidentiality and data security when you outsource to ITLink Solutions. We take our customers security concerns seriously and take the crucial steps to security to ensure complete data privacy.

Don’t allow security worries prevent you from experiencing the benefits. Choose ITLink Solutions and experience the best offshore outsourcing knowing your confidential data is in secure hands.


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