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Mobile Field Workers Management Solution - Best Way to Increase Productivity!

by Administrator 23. August 2018 04:36

Finding out the right type of mobile field workers management solution from the maze of available solution can be a daunting task. While choosing any particular solution you should be confident enough about the chosen solution that is going to support your workers, help them in managing their tasks in an efficient manner to maximize productivity.

Smarter Mobile Working Solution
Our mobile field workers management solution has been developed in such a way to enhance efficiency, manage tasks more proficiently and boost effective collaboration. Better the information you get from the field workers the better you would be able to allocate company’s resources in order to take more fruitful decisions on tasks, parts and resources.

Simple Set-up, No Additional Costs
Setting up our solution is like a piece of cake! It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to make it run smoothly as it is mobile and web based application that can be accessed through any handheld devices. It’s completely browser oriented, so you don’t need to invest heavy costs in order to install it. Users can enjoy using it and receiving real-time updates via their existing Android and iOS based smartphone and tablets. In case if a field worker loses the connection, our application safely saves the information and updates the system whenever he gets reconnected.

Work On-line or Off-line

Once the information have been saved on mobile devices workers can perform their duties even without internet connectivity. Since the system gets updates in an automated way upon getting online the very next time to ensure maximum stability.

Optimizing Efficiency — Appointment and Dispatching

Appointment and dispatching are two crucial areas for any business where increased productivity not only amazes clients but also has a progressive influence on business functions. Our solution offers modernized call slips and dispatch boards that eradicates unnecessary steps while assuring that all the related job information are acquired and communicated.

Performance Tracking

It keeps you fully updated with your front line workers’ activities, at the same time let you assign, evaluate and track field works to constantly optimize their performance.


Business Intelligence

Unlike other software applications, our solution offers myriad of features that doesn’t only allow you to analyze business productivity but also help to enhance its operations. Whether you need to access latest sales statistics or actionable insight into a specific factor of a business. Our solution’s dashboard, notification and reporting segments offer you with the data you require efficiently and conveniently.

Real-time Notifications

It assists you in linking your workers to real-time schedule notifications, for instance when clients’ cancels or extends the visits unpredictably.

Record Keeping for Compliance

Our workers management solution saves all the necessary information related to jobs like certificates, customer signatures. Photos of services offered to build an extensive audit path that ensures compliance.

Improving Customer Service Performance

Time spent in the office is valuable for quite a large number of home service businesses and they may not be capable of monitoring their work groups always. Our field workers management solution restores that visibility with a horde of features that provide unparalleled insight into communication between clients and customer service representatives. As each customer call is handled by a particular agent, thus owners can assist CSRs in enhancing their performance and influence call-to-appointment conversions positively.

Ensure Worker Availability

Customers’ requirements are constantly changing. Sometimes you experience an increase in maintenance calls and other times you get busy in installations. Moreover, weather conditions can also influence the demands your business experiences. By making use of our solution’s features you can make sure the total number of available workers for a particular job, which helps you in increasing both client happiness and conversation rates.

If you are seeking out for a solution that can offer you with tools to increase your productivity and complete visibility then our mobile field workers management solution fits the best to all of your requirements. Start building your own solution, request a quote now! 


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