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Top 5 Technology Trends for Small Businesses in 2013

by fauzia 2. May 2013 19:41


Small business owners may have more opportunities to increase revenue in 2013. As the economy recovers, so does the optimism of many entrepreneurs. Savvy business managers can gain an advantage by becoming familiar with these five fundamental technology trends.

1. Understand Advancements
Advancements in technology happen regularly, so it’s essential for small business owners to educate themselves on current changes. Understanding how to implement various techniques such as virtualization, mobility, cloud computing and marketing automation are crucial to the success of any small business.

2. Understand Outsourcing
Outsourcing can be the backbone of a small business. While offshoring continues to gain steam, its growth (especially in India) has been tempered by concerns of rising costs and attrition. With growing maturity in the nearshore region and emergence of lower cost onshore options, organizations have started to re-balance their sourcing portfolio. This means business owners will have numerous options for outsourcing assistance.

3. Understand Mobile
Another major technology trend is the popularity of mobile devices. Business managers understand that smartphones, laptops and tablets enhance productivity. According to reports, the use of tablets in work settings is expected to increase more than 100 percent by 2014.

4. Understand Social
Entrepreneurs can benefit from the various social media technologies as well. While a number of business owners utilize Twitter and Facebook, many overlook the newest players in the game. Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and other image-based platforms are ideal sources for marketing to the public.

5. Understand Searches
Social, local, and mobile marketing is a popular technique for gaining consumer interest. People frequently shop socially and perform local searches on their mobile devices. A recent Yellow Pages survey showed 40 percent of consumers use local searches every day. Creating mobile apps or websites suitable for mobile viewing can boost success for any small business.

Research shows that consumer demand will expand in the upcoming months. By seizing the moment and utilizing the technologies available, small business financiers may see significant increases in profits and customer loyalty.

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