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Get to Know About Microsoft SharePoint Applications Model

by Administrator 20. January 2016 05:06


Microsoft SharePoint (SP) has always been a great platform for developing custom web applications. It has been used to create business apps and most of the businesses uses it as customized apps development tool. Since its birth, there have been lots of changes in SP features and currently after 2013 platform update we are able to build apps for SharePoint.


History of SharePoint:

SharePoint is basically a web application platform which was introduced by Microsoft back in 2001. It has been helping out small to large-sized businesses with features and tools like content management, extranet, enterprise social networking, document management and so on. Moreover, it is an integral part of MS Office Suite which is built on .NET framework. Additionally, it has been used prominently for internal business purposes but after the latest update launch of app model it also allows to work on hosted servers and collect information from various geographical locations.

Uses of SharePoint:

One of the major uses of SharePoint is that, it allows all the workers of particular company to stay connected and remain on the loop and collaborate in a synchronized way. Besides, it harmonizes the important information all across the company environment and allow all the authorized users to communicate with each other in an effective manner to ensure their efforts are in total synergy.

Some basic uses of SharePoint:


It is used as an intranet in order to let workers of the company access notifications and alerts related to company’s ins and outs.


It offers a feature to save official documents at a shared location from where all the authorized employees can access it to update or modify the particular data file.


It is used as a CMS (Content Management System) through which you can develop a public site. The site can be accessed by users and with the help of SharePoint you can edit and update contents of the website.

Business Intelligence:

You can access information in a synchronized manner in order to make sure that you can take wise and productive business decisions. Moreover, it offers businesses with effective and easy-to-use data classifications and analytics features which makes it a great business intelligence tool.

Office Integration:

It is incorporated with MS Office which is among its biggest benefits because it makes users to access and update documents in a most convenient manner.


No doubt all of its distinctive features makes it a wonderful platform but, its capability to make customizations in apps according to the business requirements makes it outstanding.  

Get your business together with SharePoint:

By now you would be having an idea about the features and tools of SharePoint, let’s discuss about the ways through which you can integrate it with your own business. The most suitable way would be to acquire services of any reliable web applications development company and inquire them develop a customizable application as per your requirements. Since the number of IT service providers have increased double-folded with the increased dependency on digital marketplace. IT Link Solutions have experts who possesses extensive experience in web application development who are capable of tweaking with SP model and provide you with customized solutions for your business requirements.

Moreover, cloud hosting services that are offered by this platform helps businesses in cutting costs and ultimately making it run flawless in low budget. Therefore, making use of SP for your company is an optimal way to make sure that the tasks are being getting communicated and implemented in a proficient and competent manner.  

The other method of incorporating SP into your business is to build apps on your own. This is feasible for IT firms who possess in-house development team having programming or coding experts in it. However, for non-IT firms the only viable choice is to get services from professional custom software development or SharePoint consulting companies who possess years of experience plus a successful proven track record.

Thus, from today focus on integrating SP to your business in order to reap advantages of this platform as much as you can in order to cut your costs and manage your performance in a better way. Hire SharePoint consultants or software developers for your business needs and sit back and leave the rest to them as they will make things a lot easier than you think!


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